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In a single system and with a single registration, you will have access to 3 Virtual. You will be able to choose which and how many to fly, flight after flight, without obligations or restrictions. Your pilot career will be unique, your flight hours and your virtual earnings will still add up.

... by joining Alitalia Team Virtual you can also fly with

It is the other Virtual founded and managed by the same group of people . ItalAir contains almost all of the most popular and popular aircraft and hundreds of airports. You will have the opportunity to fly freely from any airport to any other with the aircraft you wish to use.
ItalAir is then divided into different divisions: Passenger, Cargo, Executive (biz jets) and General Aviation to meet the needs of each of our pilots.

... but not only! You will also have access to

Established in 1963 as an offshoot of Alitalia to increase connections with Southern Italy, ATI remained operational as an independent company until 1994, the year in which it was effectively integrated into Alitalia. During its activity, ATI saw other routes mainly in Libya and to and from Malta integrated into the national routes. Our Virtual ATI is operational with the historic MD80 and ATR42 aircraft.

Our Routes

The routes on our system are the result of an in-depth verification of the most significant routes carried out in the course of Alitalia's history. They mainly branch off from the Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa hubs to connect the various airports around the world. From there you can return to Italy or, in some cases, make further internal flights to the destination countries. You will be able to choose when, where and with which aircraft to fly among those available for each individual route. You will be able to move without "penalties" from one airport to another without having to close predefined flight circuits.

Our Tours

Alitalia Team Virtual offers its pilots periodic tours or a sequence of routes to fly over a certain period of time. Upon successful completion of each of them, the pilot will receive additional flight points awards that will further his / her "career" as a virtual pilot. 
They are also a great way to avoid asking the classic question: "What flight am I doing today?"

Company Events

In addition, Alitalia Team Virtual studies and periodically proposes routes to fly together! These are individual events that each pilot will be able to fly independently according to his free time but also and above all in sharing with the other Alitalia Team Virtual pilots on our DISCORD platform. A great way to share our common passion between a laugh ... and always something to learn!

Teniamoci in contatto!